Deep Thoughts

Its strange really… You promise not to think dark thoughts but you do anyway. The urge to feel is strong, but theres something holding you back. People. People and them constantly judging. What if people saw the scars? I dont even want to think about it. And the thoughts come out of nowhere. When you’re laughing… You cant help but think, ‘what if things were different? Would I even feel this way? Thats the scary thing, what if I stay like this forever and everyone around me are oblivios to the things that go in my head? I dont know what I want.

I’ve been staring at my wrists lately and having thoughts, I’ve never had before. Thoughts I cant imagine in my wildest dreams. Goosebumps rise on my skin and my hands start shaking.

~ Fatima Khan

That wasnt something which I wrote, it was written by my bestfriend/sister.

Her instagram- @auragirl_13

My instagram- @pwincezzmaria

Comment if she should make her own her blog!


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