This Or That Tag

Q1) Coffee or tea?
A) Coffee

Q2) Black and white or colour?
A) Black and white

Q3) Drawings or paintings?
A) Paintings

Q4) Dresses or skirts?
A) Dresses

Q5) Books or movies?
A) Movies

Q6) Pepsi or coke?
A) Coke

Q7) Chinese or Italian? (Foodwise)
A) Italian

Q8) Early bird or night owl?
A) Both

Q8) Chocolate or vanilla?
A) Vanilla

Q9) Hugs or kisses?
A) Both

Q10) Winter or summer?
A) Summer

Q11) Spring or fall?
A) Fall

Q12) Rural or Urban?
A) Rural, because its quiet.

Q13) Tan or pale?
A) Tan

Q14) Cake or Pie?
A) Pie

Q15) Ice cream or yogurt?
A) Ice cream!

Q16) Ketchup or mustard?
A) Ketchup

Q17) Comedy or mystery?
A) Comedy

Q18) Boots or sandals?
A) Boots

Q19) Silver or gold?
A) Silver

Q20) Dancing or singing?
A) Singing

Q21) Dark or white chocolate?
A) White

Q22) Tattoos or piercings?
A) Tattoos

Q23) Cats or dogs?
A) Both!

Q24) Glasses or contacts?
A) Contacts

Q25) Heels or flats?
A) Heels

Have an amazing day and stay beautiful!

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